How to Register BGMI 2021 Series: 1st Battlegrounds Mobile India Tournament



The BGMI Game, India’s Most Popular Battleroyale game has announced the the 1st Tournament and the Registration process of the the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series has begun. The registration process will be on till August 1st 2021. The Battlegrounds India Series is an open challenge tournament and open to all players, and any interested parties can register their teams on the official Battlegrounds Mobile India esports website.

The in-game qualifiers will occur from August 2nd to August 8th, followed by online qualifiers from August 17th to September 12th. The grand finals will be held from October 7th to 10th.

The tournament boasts a massive prize pool of ₹1 crore, and the winner will walk away with the lion’s share of the money, which is ₹50 lakhs.

Steps to Register for Battlegrounds Mobile India Series

Battlegrounds India Series Registration

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series registration process page 1(Image via BGMI official website)

Step 1: Players can click on this link

Step 2: Now, they may select click on the registration banner and read the requirements, FAQs, and terms and conditions.

Step 3: Users should fill up their team name and player’s information, such as name, email id, character id, nationality, mobile number, etc.

Step 4: Gamers have to agree with the terms and conditions and click on the Submit button.
Battlegrounds India Series Registration
The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series registration process page 2/2 (Image via BGMI official website)

Minimum requirement:

  1. Only Indian citizens can register.
  2. The tournament is mobile-only, and the use of tablets, emulators, triggers, and controllers is strictly prohibited.
  3. All players must be ranked Platinum V or above with a level 15 account.

Players should register with one team only.

After registering, teams will be required to play 15 matches between August 2nd and August 8th with their registered teammates.

When shortlisting for the next round, the top ten matches from the 15 will be considered. In case of a tie between two teams, the winner will be determined by several parameters, including finish positions, survival times, accuracy, etc.

A total of 1024 teams will qualify for the next round, i.e., Online Qualifiers.

Readers should not wait until the last date for the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series registration. If they meet the minimum requirements, they should register immediately.

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