How to get free mythic outfit, Gun Skin in Bgmi?

BGMI is up and Indian gamers enjoying the game seamlessly. After the launch of BGMI in India officially many new players has been joined the game and they have lot of questions regarding BGMI and How to get free mythic outfit in Bgmi? is one of them so here we are going to discuss with you so that you can obtain free mythic outfits.

How to get free mythic outfit in Bgmi?

BGMI gives various skins, outfits and items for free so there are some methods that will help you to get them.

Method 1 (By opening classic crates)

Pubg or BGMI gives you option to buy the classic coupons and every 10 coupons are equal to 1 crate and if you open the crate than you can get any precious guns skin or mythic outfit.

Note: Open 10 Classic crate together to get guaranteed legendary item.

Method 2 (By opening Premium Crates)

If you want mythic outfits and skins than you should have Premium Crates and it can be obtained for free by exchanging Premium Coupons. Premium coupons can be bought from silver coins and clan points.

Note: Open 10 premium crates together to get guaranteed legendary item.

Method 3 (By Purchasing Royal Pass)

Royal pass is one of the best option to get mythic outfit every season. Although Royal Pass has been converted in 3 parts so now you can buy it in just 300 UC which will cost you 460 almost. If you complete rp ranks than you get your all the UC back and the RP cost will be for free. So if you are interested you can RP to get mythic outfits guns skin and much more.

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