How to get free Bgmi gun skin?



BGMI Worlds Best Battle Royal Game, It has a great features to experience the game at next level. It has best graphics, outfits and gun skins, etc which makes the game a reality based game. BGMI have option to spend and buy gun skin, outfit, vehicle skin and many other items. But there is a question that How to Get Free BGMI Gun Skin? So we are here to let you know all the possible option to obtain free guns skin permanent and short term.

How to get free Bgmi gun skin?

How to get free Bgmi gun skin?

BGMI provides option get many items for free using silver coins, premium crate, classic crate and supply crate. There are also option to get the permanent gun skin by pushing tiers. so lets know all the possible options one by one.

#1 Premium Crates.

Premium Crate is the option which can be used to obtain Free BGMI Guns Skin, Outfit, Backpack Skin, Grenade Skin, Vehicle Skin, and much more permanently. Although Premium Crates are rare to find but you can obtain 1 Premium Crate in Every 2 Days.

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#2 Classic Crates

Classic crate is another option to obtain free BGMI items but it is little less attractive gun skins, Vehicle and other skins. The process of obtaining Classic is similar to Premium Crate. When you open Premium Crates you obtain +10 rp points which help you to gain RP Rank.

#3 Supply Crates

Supply Crates are easily available in BGMI and also can be obtained by completing tasks and you can use AG points to open Supply Crates. Here you get a limited time items like gun’s skin and other items.

#4 Completing Tier Mission

BGMI set tier of almost 3 months where you need complete tier and gain points to reach higher tiers. Although you start getting rewards from the gold tier but if you want to get a gun skin you need to reach Diamond tier and play 5 matches to get a permanent gun skin. Although BGMI Provide only AUG and Groza Gun Skin.

#5 Royal Pass Rank

Although BGMI offer most of Royal Pass items to their Elite Users who buy Royal Pass. But many time they offer some items to the Normal Users. So if you want to obtain gun skin you can obtain it by completing rp rank.



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