How to Check Stats in BGMI: Battlegrounds Mobile India

Govind Tiwari


Battlegrounds Mobile India was previously know as Pubg Mobile Global. The game have almost everything same as PUBG MOBILE. Many peoples know about how to check their stats and other information in BGMI but still many players does not know how to check all the stats, kills, chicken dinner, FD, headshots, most kills and much more. So we are here to let you know how to check stats in BGMI.

How to Check Stats in BGMI?

In the BGMI game you get detailed statistics which help you to find out your performance, tier, career result and much more. When you start the BGMI App and enter in lobby you get many options. But If you want to check career result tier or stats related information you need to slide left the display or go through your profile picture. You need to click on profile picture and enter your personal space area. Here you get lot of information about you and your kd also mentioned in top right corner.

Click on KD section A new complete stats page will be opened. Here you can find Tier Overview, Statistics, Career Result and Achievements. You will find here detailed information of Solo, Duo and squad matches stats. You can check here below things.

  1. Tier Overview: Tier Overview Section Let you know about your current and previous season ranking,  rating, Merit, tier and lifetime highest tier reached.
  2. Statistics: This section will let you know complete information about your activity and result like: Total match played, Wins, Top 10, Kills, KD (FD). Longest survival, Headshots, Headshot Percent, Most Kills, Highest Damage and much more. You can see your previous season stats also.
  3. Career Result: Career result section have information about how many matches did you play previously and what is the mode of game like solo, duo, squad, how many kills you did and who played with you and other detailed statistics available.
  4. Achievement: In this section you know about server rank and achievements.

So this is all about how to check detailed statics in BGMI ( Battlegrounds Mobile India). We hope this article helped you to understand the statistics better.

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