How to be pro in Bgmi in classic?



Being Pro in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) is the craze of every player who loves and plays this game. More than 50 million users plays BGMI but less of them are pro. To become a pro player in BGMI in classic mode there is need a good practice, speed of actions, reflection and sense of understanding the situation. So in this article we will discuss some important things that will make you pro in BGMI.

How to be pro in BGMI in classic?: Follow Steps to Be a PRO

First of all you need to understand the BGMI. BGMI is a survival game where you have to save yourself with the support of your team and need to secure more kills as well as finish the last squad. So there are some tips which will help you to sense better and survive with killing highest enemy.

#1 Practice on Your Claw

When you enter in the game the control (Claw) is the thing which offer you to move fire jump prone and do any in game activity. So you should customize your claw according to your comfort. Your fingers should reach all your control buttons easily for faster response.

Although many players play on standard control and use two finger but many professionals use 3, 4, 5 or six fingers. Although I recommend 4 finger claw for best performance in mobile devices although six fingers can be used on iPad.

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#2 Practice on Your Aim

BGMI is a shooting game and aiming on target is very important to hit the enemy in the start players should focus on aim. In my opinion headshot is the best option to retaliate enemy with in less time and bullet. Keep the crosshair on head.

#3 Customize the Sensitivity

BGMI provide 3 sensitivity options by default, Low, Medium and High but still you can customize it according to you. If you practice on high sensitivity and make your aim perfect you will be a best player.

#4 Use Gyro

Many players does not know about gyroscope option is available in BGMI. There are two Gyro option available 1st one is for scope where you can only move your aim while scope is open by tilting the phone. 2nd option gives complete control where you can rotate, move your aim, by just tilting the screen. Gyro is the feature which makes players pro due to its ultra fast speed.

#5 Use Best Headphones

BGMI is a high quality virtual game and based on reality so you get best graphics and and sound quality. You gets proper footsteps and other sounds which help you to sense the exact location and activity of the enemy. So if you have a best quality headphones it will help you make a pro player.

#6 Use Your IQ

When we play game we observe many things from the situations. As you know without knowing enemy location rush is a foolishness. So Sense Enemies location and position use frag grenade to push them behind, Use Smoke Grenade to Confuse and hide the footsteps, stun grenade to make enemies blind. These tactics will make you pro player.

#7 Use Jiggle Crouch and Prone

Now days pro players like Jonathan and Mavi use Jiggle to get less damage with hitting enemy. When you use this tactic you get less damages but you can reltaliate enemy faster.

#8 Use High End Device to Play BGMI

If you use above techniques in your game play and still you don’t get better result it means your device is not enough fast and compatible against of your enemies. If you play on less then 60 fps and low end hardware configuration then definitely you can not defeat the player with the same quality but on high end hardware configuration. Now days processor as well as display quality also makes gaming better. So, select your mobile device very carefully.

So these are some techniques if you use in your gameplay you will be pro of BGMI.

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