Battlegrounds Mobile India: BGMI Royal Pass M3 1 to 50 Rewards Leak is Here Complete Information



BGMI is going to get the 2nd Update and 2nd RP Season M3. Royal Pass Season M3 name is Chef’s Special and it is going to give you a huge reward where you get outfits, vehicle skins, guns skin, parachute skin and much more. Although BGMI RP Season M3 will start letter but leaks are available and it will let you know all 1 to 50 RP important Rewards which can be obtained by RP M3 Season.

BGMI Royal Pass 3 Chef's Special

BGMI Royal Pass M3 1 to 50 RP Rewards

As we know BGMI is same as Pubg Mobile and it also gives many rewards to the player who purchase Royal Pass. RP M3 is going to be greatest Royal Pass Season Because its bringing many rewards including UAZ skin, AKM Skin, Uzi Skin, Scorpion Skin and Best emotes ever. So lets know See the Guns Skin.

BGMI Royal Pass M3 Guns Skin

There are 2 guns skin in this season can be obtained in the Royal Pass Season 20 Month 3. The gun’s skins are listed below.

#1 QBZ Skin

In the BGMI RP 2 players already has been received QBZ skin but I don’t know why and how BGMI developers think and this is the 2nd Skin of QBZ which can be obtained in BGMI Royal Pass Season M3. QBZ Gun Skin is average and can be seen below.

BGMI RP 3 QBZ Gun Skin

#2 M16A4 Skin

I guess every players who had bough royal pass previously having lot of M16A4 Skin. But this time M16A4 skin looks different and very charming. I don’t want more M16A4 skins and if they give the same skin for M762 it becomes awesome for the Royal Pass Holders.

BGMI RP 3 M16A4 Skin

BGMI Royal Pass Season M3 Outfits

The player who will purchase BGMI RP Season M3 gets 3 outfits. Below is the list of outfits.

#1 Lone Wolf Set

Lone Wolf Set is only for player who will purchase Royal Pass M3. The outfit can be obtained at RP Rank 1

BGMI RP 3 Mythic Outfit 1

#2 Leopard Suit

At royal pass rank 25 you can obtain Leopard Suit. Leopard Suit is for Free Royal Pass users also.

BGMI RP 3 Outfit 2

#3 Deep Fried Cover (Mythic Outfit)

Elite royal pass user will get Deep Fried Cover Mythic outfit at 50 RP.

BGMI RP 3 50 RP Mythic Outfit

Royal Pass Season M3 (Season 20) Plain Skin

Although this season is based on Chef’s Special almost all the outfit are related to foods and Plain Skin of this Royal Pass is Fruit Splash Finish an it can be obtained at 20 RP.

BGMI RP 3 Plain Skin

Royal Pass Season M3 Grenade Skin

BGMI RP 3 Grenade Skin

Grenade Skin of RP Season M3 is best ever grenade skin and it can be obtained at 30 RP Rank

Royal Pass Season M3 (Season 20) Parachute

Below is the Supermarket Sale parachute skin

BGMI RP 3 Parachute Skin

Royal Pass Season M3 (Season 20) Backpack

Royal Pass Season 20 M3 Backpack Skin

BGMI RP 3 Backpack

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This is the main outfits, vehicle skin, guns skin, parachute skin and helmet skin, we hope this content informed you in detail and you are satisfied with our work.

BGMI Royal Pass Season M3 Emotes



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