Battlegrounds Mobile India: August 2021 Q & A



Battlegrounds Mobile India players really love the game and have lot of questions and we always try to answer them. So we here to answer you the question asked related to BGMI in Previous Month and Current Month.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: August 2021 Q & A

Can we use other person ID proof in battleground Mobile India tournament?

As BGMI India Series registration is open and many players have incorrectly filled their information and many other issue they are facing. But the question is that can anyone use other person proof to register. So I don’t recommend to do that because it is illegal but if you only want to test your abilities than you can use it but keep remember to register with the same name which is in others id.

Can a 13 year old child play battlegrounds Mobile India?

It is good to play when you are at least 16 years. But there are many players less than 13 and love to play Battlegrounds Mobile India. So there are no barriers but should play only less than two hours and you need to take care too. Don’t be addictive.

When did the super smooth graphics are coming in battleground Mobile India?

Super smooth graphics has been rolled out but it is only available for super low end devices which have a lower ram than 3 gb and lower processor.






Will realme x7 5g support extreme in battleground Mobile India?


How to unban Bgmi account?